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Like the previous reviews have said the owner, Rosie doesn't know how to handle the site.

I got into it with a user on AM, sick of his attitude and passive aggressive behavior I reported him and this chick DID NOTHING! All she said in the PM's was that she told him to "give me my space" she didn't ban or flagged him or anything plus since they don't allow blocking this gives any user to harrass you over some stupid bs because they feel attacked and the reason why the refuse to have a blocking feature is because "They want to keep it peaceful or not stir up trouble" Um, blocking does prevent harrassment and trouble even the dumbest of the dumb knows that any sane person would leave this site and yeah the site is full of lonely bored old *** that always get into politics.

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Glad to see that this site is dying the death I said it would if certain people weren't given the boot.


Rosie isn't the owner, Just Asking is.

to BooBoo #1531346

Ok, gotcha


Rosie isn't the owner, Just Asking is. Just Asking is an idiot who never should have been allowed to take over the site. I'm really mad at Wey for giving it to her.

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