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Hi everyone,

I am not the subject of this complaint but I am getting flack because I have joined in complaining day and night about TRUMP on Answermug.

Someone has to. This is not about my being able to rant and get attention. This is about a demon who is taking over our country, who colluded with Putin and Russia to fraudulently win the election so Russia would have sanctions removed that Clinton wanted firmly in place. Trump is a danger and is one of the most evil would-be dictators our nation has ever faced. I am not here to call people names. I am here to answer those who defend Adolph Hitler's reincarnation and pretend he is FOR THE PEOPLE.

How can people get TICKED and offended about the state of the NATION? Should we talk about our favorite color instead?

Pretty soon there will be no NATION. This is not Chicken Little talking. This is a person who reads and watches the WORLD NEWS.

Reason of review: I'm a member in long standing.

Answermug Pros: I am a member.

Answermug Cons: Some members are awful.

  • Sharonna
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You are also one of the rudest people I've ever had the displeasure of talking to online. If everyone were as smart as you crow about yourself being, the world would be phenomenal, too bad you aren't what you claim to be. You are what we refer to as a pseudo-intellectual.


How'd that war go with NoKo that y'all were screaming about? What's that??

It didn't happen? Kim is getting rid of his Nukes? Hmmmm.......Yep, that's what I thought. How's that Russian collusion going?

Whats that?

Hilary paid for that bogus report? Gee...Looks like y'all don't know your *** from holes in the ground.


Why would thiese comments matter to me or anyoneWow someone called me a nameSnore

to Sharon Harrison #1482621

They matter because this is PROOF POSITIVE of how *** that site is. It just the same tired dribble all day everyday.

The members with any sense in there heads have left because of you, Rosie and a few others. The fact that JA and her little minion mods encourage this garbage is another reason. You just go on with your asinine posts and attacks, we shall gather at a place that is more member friendly and not as hostile as you have made this site. I guess you and your little group don't realize how bad the reputation of AB has become among the Q&A community.

You are a JOKE and everyone knows it. You are mentioned on a lot of other sites, and none of it is in a positive way.

to Sharon Harrison #1482628

Bless your heart!! You just don't see how dumb this makes you look. Thanks for the belly laugh!!

to Sharon Harrison #1482748

Looked through these comments and nowhere did I see nameSnore. Is that just more of your FAKENEWS?


You are truly an idiot or this is purely hyperbole. You and the other user make the site a complete {{Redacted}}.


You just made a complete fool of yourself.


The ignorance of these members goes beyond the realm of stupidity. Sharonna Nukem Cola, this is the best thing you could post to show just how bad that site is You have done more harm than good. Too bad you are too blinded by your own importance to understand this.


How can we thank you enough for posting this? It's crystal clear affirmation of why everyone is leaving that *** site.


"I have joined in complaining day and night about TRUMP on Answermug."See They admit all the complaints are right. Sharonna, you have more than proven our point.

You, Rosie and a few others have ruined what was once a good site. Just Asking has allowed the site to get one of the worst reputations on the internet, and she doesn't care. You guys are hateful, I mean REALLY hateful to anyone with an opposing opinion.

Instead of trying to talk like adults, you attack and bully and call names like a bunch of spoiled children. You ALL need to grow up and start behaving like decent people.


I marked helpful only because it shows everyone is right. Your review is the best advertisement to show how insane that place is. Three Thumbs Up for being so informative.


Just fell out my chair from laughing so hard. In "defending" the site you went and showed these people are telling the truth.

Complaining about Trump day and night, THAT'S exactly what people are {{Redacted}} about.

Lordy Lordy Lordy! Still can't stop the laughing from your post.


Your Honor, allow me to enter exhibits A, B and C,

to Anonymous #1446674



Would that be the Weekly World News by any chance? You do realize you just confirmed and gave merit to these complaints, If the owner sent you to do some PR work she picked the wrong person. You and Rosie are a lot of what's wrong with that site.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!This is ALL you get on that site. Constant Trump bashing with misguided facts and crap that has long ago been proven false.

Sharon, you could not have proven our point any better. This is PRICELESS!


See people? his is a PRIME example of what these complaints are about. Thank you for proving our point.

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