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I saw the reviews here and figured they are not all true so I joined and became a member. The reviews here are true.

There is one member who does nothing but post questions or statements, about Trump. She has an obsessive hate for him and it comes out in her crazy posts. She takes the smallest of information and turns it into a doomsday scenario. She asks so MANY questions about him each day, that they have given her what they call her own little corner of the Mug.

If you answer one of her questions and dare to disagree with her, she unloads on you with both barrels, and some of her little friends come and attack you as well. There is another member who posts nothing but questions about wearing clean unused trash bags as clothing, which the other members seem to hate. So, what did the wise owner of the site do? She asked a barrage of trash bag questions herself.

She doesn't have a clue as to how to run a social site! Some of the other members told me that she, the owner, even has access to the private message members send to each other, and she actually reads them! This has to be the worse Q&A site I've ever been on. Please read the reviews here and know that they are all true.

It's ran more like a small dictatorship rather than a social site. The owner is trying to force the members to see the world through her own skewed rose colored classes.

Members are suspended or banned just for stating a differing opinion than the one banished to her own corner. I don't know what makes this woman think she has the ability to run a site, but she is very delusional.

Product or Service Mentioned: Answermug Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Answermug Cons: All of it.

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Rosie don't talk unless you go on her questions. Lots of complaining over nuthin from whiny Trumpettes.

to LuvnLiberal #1557019

Well, I was a new member and didn't know about her. I answered one of her stupid questions and she didn't like the way I answered and broke rude all over me.

She hadn't mentioned Trump in the question, but turns out that's who she was talking about. I didn't know she was so obsessed.

There was no reason for her to be as rude as she was because I couldn't read her mind and know who her question was about. For the damn record, I am NOT a Trump supporter.

to LuvnLiberal #1716941

Whinny Trumpettes? Really?

Proof of thee reviews being true again.

God!! You people really are dense!


In all fairness to Rosie, Rosie doesn't jump on anyone else's posts if you don't want to talk to her. This is very different from a lot of alt right nuts on other sites that will invade every post and squawk about Obama or Hillary.Regretfully agree about JA's moderation though.

Lots of people left because of her condescending ways and favoritism.

She missed the memo on how to communicate when someone brings a valid concern to the table. The site will continue to dwindle as members find this out for themselves.

to Anonymous #1463713



You ARE allowed to disagree at Answermug. You just can't get nasty or insulting or your comments will be removed.

I have had my comments removed. You usually get a warning unless you post a profane insult like calling someone a *** Everybody is complaining about Rosie. That's why she has her own corner.

One can choose not to go there. I have met many marvelous people worldwide.


Now everyone can see the truth. You did a fine job of confirming these complaints.


Rosie did get her own section. I think most are happy with the setup.

No one gets in trouble/banned for their opinion as long as they are respectful to other users and the owner.

to Conservative User #1421415

That did no good, her questions still show up everywhere. If people's opinions differ from hers, they get deleted and get messages saying it was an attack.

to Anonymous #1517008

Filter your home page to show only questions and NOTHING from Rosie's Corner will show up on your page. NOTHING.

Not a question or an answer. Nothing just like it does not exist.

to Conservative User #1427005

That didn't isolate her from the site. Go to the home page and all of her inane questions are there.

Your idea of respect is kissing Rosie's and the 'owner's' butt. As long as you are singing their praises, you're good to go. The 'owner' doesn't understand that this is a public site and people have the right to disagree with either one of them. You don't even have to be offensive to get slapped down on this dictatorship of a site, just having a conservative opinion will get your comments deleted.

The 'owner' just needs to seal this *** site down, and just keep the fanatical leftist members that are still there happy.

Free speech is not allowed on there. The 'owner' is not fit to run a social site.

to Toni #1433790

It was not meant to isolate Rosie from the site. It did remove her "questions" from the main page.

Yes the still appear on your home page.

But YOU can filter YOUR home page so Zero posts from Rosie or any other user YOU choose do NOT show up on YOUR home page.

I am still allowed on so obviously conservative views are allowed and will not get you banned or posts removed.

to Conservative User #1436314

Wrong. My comments were removed.

to Conservative User #1536305

Does anyone wonder why Rosie was given her own section? I've never known a site give one member their own part of the site, I have often wondered if Rosie and the owner are the same person it would explain a lot.

to Phoenix29 #1569969

I don't think they are, but the owner is a bloody idiot who doesn't care diddly for her members. She has NO business running a site.

to Phoenix29 #1653655

I don't think Rosie and JA are the same person. I believe Rosie was given her own section to try and make the people complaining about her questions happier.

That is why her "Corner" is in statements. It makes it possible to ignore her completely. Filter your homepage to QUESTIONS and all her stuff disappears.

I don't think Rosie even realizes that is why. Nothing is deleted unless you make personal comments to a user.


" delusional "


Pay her no more attention than you would any other lunatic.

Put distance between you and them.

I'd bet she's really ballistic because The President has done well in his first year.

to William #1424630

Doesn't matter, she doesn't see any good from anything he does. She takes half-truths and misleading headlines and turns then into doomsday scenarios. She is lacking in the common sense area.

to William #1463714

Suck it up *** Truth hurts.

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