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If you can get past the endless Trump bashers filled with hatred and biases you can enjoy the site and the wonderful users who do belong to the site.

There’s a group of hypocrites who tirelessly spew their hatred for Trump and his supporters. They’re rude and condescending. They ridicule, insult, verbally attack, and gang up on anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs and hatred.

If you can ignore them and not engage in their hatred, you can find fun, fun queations, serious questions, and intelligent thought provoking queations.

There’s good and bad like every site. The other grievance I have is this weird and most likely a troll who has an obsession with trash bags, mostly wearing them. He or she will never engage in any other topic. This person will always steer everything to trash bags. Fortunately, this person isn’t on much.

There’s some kind, wonderful, and intelligent members. You must ignore the hatred from a circle of obnoxious, know-it-all hypocrites.

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Sorry but the 'good' does not outweigh the 'bad' on this site. You have Sharonna lurking around waiting to pounce on members to show how smart she is and how stupid the other person is. No question or category is safe on Answermug.

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