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Unlike other sites that include a Q&A, answerMug is more of a small rant and vent site. Not much fun, unless you're a staunch Liberal.

For those members too scared to engage in being called out and belittled, many just sit on the side or left their accounts and spend more time elsewhere. Yes to the great people who can have fun and some levity, I applaud you for sticking it out. The site seems mostly comprised of many of the closed answerbag people and a few from the sodahead and amirite groups. With a few exceptions, most of these folks got booted out in short order.

The site does a pretty good job at keeping the trolls out and offering up different adult only sections. The new layout is not much to speak about, mainly the same thing as before, still a lot of bugs to iron out. Several chat rooms now, and even the main one is gathering dust. The groups are all but abandoned and dead.

JA continues to say that all is well and growing, but in my, and others observations, it is far from true. Membership numbers may be holding on, but participation by all membership is in a free fall. Much of this is mainly due to a ongoing childish political rant from an old time member following JA, and a obnoxious lady who runs the site as the queen bee, and of course the lesbians. Anyone who has been there for a while knows that many have left or spend most of their time elsewhere.

As a recap, answerMug is just okay, not a place for all. Comes across as a place to argue and get blasted for having an opinion if different than "the group".

Many members are fleeing looking for alternatives, with more social fun and engagement. Yes, AM will survive, but will not be a notable player in the social site world.

Reason of review: Opinion on answerMug Social Site.

Answermug Cons: It is so bias, Feuding users.

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"For those members too scared to engage in being called out and belittled,"

This explains why you don't like the site. Belittling of users is not allowed on AM.


It's become worse since you wrote this. The membership and activity has plummeted.

Westford, Massachusetts, United States #1321131

Apparently people who adore Mr.Trump believe their comments and opinions should go unchallenged. Who is really the snowflake?


Not this again. Trump lovers, please deal with the fact that your lies and rants do get countered.

So ***.

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