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Have been a member on and off for six years. Membership fluctuates due to a wide variety of factors.

At present: it hosts an older demographic, most are above 50 years old; about 60-70 % are fairly liberal in their political views, about 15-20% are quite or very conservative, a very few are radicals or eccentrics; about 90% are Americans with limited knowledge of or interest in the wider world, about 2% are Americans who are well-travelled, educated, &/or take a strong interest in world issues, the remainder include a sprinkling of individuals from Britain, Canada, India, Denmark, Belgium, and France. It is generally not a pick-up site, although once in a rare while people meet who have an affinity and form an online affair. The boundaries and rules to prevent trolling and maintain safety are strict and strongly enforced by both members and monitors. It can be boring at times, but that's up to the efforts and contributions of each member.

There's a wide range in intelligence levels, relative sanity, styles of humour, interests and values. Although close friendships are possible and do form, mostly the levels of relationships are extremely superficial among most of the members.

Great if you're a highly gregarious person. Great to help bridge loneliness somewhat if your life situation keeps you isolated.

Reason of review: The experience delivers according to what you yourself put into it..

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The site still sucks and is ran by a psycho who has claimed to be a high priestess in the occult to a staunch atheist. She claims to be the creator of the site, she is NOT.

It was given to her by the person who did create and ran it for several year. She has ran off a lot of her membership base by being rude, difficult and wishy-washy.

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