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On top of the never ending Trump bashing, some of them are flat out rude, insulting, and condescending. If you don’t agree with them you’re a Nazi, white supremacist, a KKK member, stupid, bigoted, etc.

The owner is a condescending b**** who protects a few certain users. They can say anything to you and treat you however they want. The minute you defend yourself you’re accused of making personal attacks, reprimanded, put in time-out—48 hour suspension, and will be removed.

There are two uses who take it upon themselves to be the grammar police. Any typo or grammatical error they must shame you and correct you. This is what stuck-up d*cks do to feel superior and put others down.

There are some good users in there, but the bad far outweigh the good. Unless you plan on relentlessly and constantly want to bash Trump and his suporters, stay away.

The owner is a far left-wing person herself so she naturally babies and protects the anti-Trump crazies.

This is by far the worst Q&A site I ever was a member of.

Product or Service Mentioned: Answermug Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Answermug Pros: Few of the users.

Answermug Cons: Owner, Owner and how the site is run.

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@Mugger When you don't agree with them and they get rude and hateful and call you an idiot, yeah, you can bash the users.


You can bash the left trust not users themselves. Bash Obama, bash Clinton all is fair game.

to Mugger #1644404

If you're not of 'Like Mind' with them, they gang up on you and harass the *** out of you. JA doesn't intervene unless you say something back to THEM, then you're the bad gay and get booted out.

They are just a gaggle of old women with nothing better to do than lay landmines for the other users.

They are the rudest bunch of old hens I've ever ran across. They put themselves out there, so they are fair game.


I agree 100%. Everything you just said is true.

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