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This site has turned into something resembling a day care center. The moderation is not even across the board.

The favorites are given free reign to say what they want. If you dare say anything to them, your comment is deleted as a personal attack and you're warned to play nice. Adult content is supposed to stay in the adult section, but it's splashed all over the home page for all to see, and nothing is done about it. The political questions have taken over the site and if you don't agree with the poster she will attack you and nothing is done.

This member will post endless antiTrump questions like machine gun fire. They take up the whole home page at times. The site is very slow to load and even times out on occasion.

It's not a friendly site and it's not a fun site. It's more of an I Hate Trump And You Better Too site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Answermug Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Don't ever flag a post or comment, no matter how bad it is. Top dog JA will let you know under no uncertain terms that reporting anything is unwanted and will put you in the naughty chair for tattling. Many solid members have left because of this.


The adult innuendo has settled down. Thanks to some members leaving.

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