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The site is 90% one member and two other anti-Trump republican hating leftist goons. They are given full favoritism.

If you disagree with them, or call them out they go nuts on you. Also the "mod" will scold you. Unless you're into bashing Trump 24/7 stay away from the site. That's all it is.

The three Trump hating women have run off several members. It would be an okay site if there were more to it than Trump bashing non stop. I can understand not liking him, but these women are obsessed to the point they have some serious psychological issues. They team up on people who disagree with them.

The mod completely favors them.

I would stay far away. It's by far the worst Q&A community I've encountered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Answermug Moderator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The mod is a Trump supporter. So how does that work?

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