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A question and answer site. Users are able to be social and interact with one another respectfully.

That allows users to form individual group to focus on one topic.

Users are also able to blog and post pictures. Trolls are dealt with swiftly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Answermug Website.

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False! Trolls are coddled and allowed to flourish!

The only ones who are dealt with swiftly are the members who disagree with Rosie's tirade against Trump. If you dare to have a differing opinion, you are accused of attacking her and your comments are deleted. This is the worst Q&A site on the internet.

Hate is highly promoted and encouraged, but only by the Trump haters. If you share any Republican views, you are attacked and then you are the one accused of hate speech.

to Anonymous #1433807

Yet, The moderator is a Trump supporter.....

to AM user #1435416

But will delete your comments if you say anything positive about him in one of Rosie's stupid anti-Trump questions.

to Anonymous #1516994

Only if your post rude to the user.

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